endo what - endometriosis awareness Do you know 10 girls or women? Then you know endometriosis, the most common, devastating disease most people have never heard of.
endo what - endometriosis awareness Due to outdated notions & misinformation, girls & women must see an average of 8 doctors over 10 years before they are diagnosed.
endo what - endometriosis awareness When they are finally diagnosed, the vast majority are given ineffective treatments that only manage symptoms without treating the disease.

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Why It Matters

Millions of girls and women miss out on school, careers, social participation and motherhood due to endometriosis. The time to change that is now. 

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You can be the change you wish to see in your community and beyond. Learn how you can take tangible steps to real change.

Who We Are

We are a patient-led, patient-first coalition dedicated to ensuring those with endometriosis live to their fullest potential.