Endometriosis Affects Your Students

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a complex disease in which cells similar to the lining of the uterus are found outside the uterus. It is common, affecting 176 million people worldwide. It occurs in 7-15% of girls and women.

How does it affect my school?

If you have 500 girls at your school, then at least 50 of them have endometriosis. It regularly interferes with a girl’s academics, sports, and other school activities, not to mention social relationships and emotional wellbeing. Symptoms can start in early puberty, even before a girl has her first period.

What are the most common endometriosis symptoms?

Severe period pain

Diarrhea or constipation


Heavy bleeding with your period

Frequent or burning urination



Pain with exercise

Lower back or leg pain


Pain with sex



Use these resources to open dialogue about endometriosis and encourage open communication about the disease and girls’ health.